Wamz - Before you install the Amazon MP3 Downloader...

Recently, I've been downloading a lot of music from Amazon. One of the things that disappointed me about the purchasing process was the need to install Amazon's proprietary downloader in order to get the music. If you find yourself annoyed with the situation, try out a little application I put together called Wamz.

Wamz watches a directory for Amazon MP3 .amz files and then executes the application associated with the .amz files. This allows the Amazon MP3 downloader (or other associated app) to open up and begin downloading the purchased music files.

When Wamz is run on a home server, you can set it up to watch a directory that is shared over your home network. Then when anyone on the network downloads music from Amazon, they can just drop the .amz file in the shared directory and Wamz will launch the associated downloader to download the music.

It's a pretty straightforward operation, but if you need more information or help installing and setting up Wamz you can visit the wiki.

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