My contract with OLM ran out for dedicated hosting, so the site has been down for the last few months. While OLM was great, I figured I'd go ahead and host the site myself in order to get some recent infrastructure style experience. At some point I'll migrate the couple of posts from the old site over to this blog, but for now it's a clean slate. Luckily, getting the hardware setup has been straightforward and right now I don't have any regrets.

On the other hand, creating the new website has opened my eyes to how convoluted website development can get. Easily stated, what I wanted was the simplest blog possible. That includes code, interaction, layout, etc. While I'm pretty happy with the results relating to interaction and layout, the code leaves something to be desired.

I don't know if this is one of those situations where you get to choose two and have no control over the third, but in order to achieve the interaction and layout I wanted I had to use the following components:

It could be argued that a website doesn't get much simpler than a mashup of existing components, but one thing unmistakably missing from that list is a blog engine. For the life of me, I couldn't find a single blog engine that allowed me to interact with a backing store without going through some half-baked user interface. For that reason, I rolled my own blogging engine and am fairly happy with the results.

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